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Network Guidelines for Power Group Leaders

Who Are Power Group Leaders

A GDWStores.net Power Group Leader will assign an identification number to 20 or more Power Shoppers. Once this is done, he or she will buy $100 worth of merchandise or more from Web Stores. This process will continue once he or she becomes a Power Group Leader.

Becoming a Power Group Leader

A Power Shopper who has recruited 20 other Power Shoppers or more who have individually purchased at least $100 worth of merchandise each can become a Power Group Leader. The Power Group Leader can then use their identification number to invite Power Shoppers to buy items worth $100 or more so that they, too, can become Power Group Leaders.

Benefits to All

Shopping is now a movement and no longer just hanging out at the mall and spending without supporting your favorite cause. Send a strong message through your shopping. Never spend unless you are supporting your favorite cause. Give a voice to your shopping!

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